Barbie Dust BBQ Seasoning & Rub Two Pack(Shipping Included)

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Barbie Dust BBQ - 2 Pack
3.00 LBS
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Our original seasoning 14oz with Plastic Shaker Cap.

Our Barbie Dust BBQ seasoning is one of the most versatile seasonings we have ever developed. It's a very mild blend of secret herbs and spices that complements and enhances any cut of meat. However this seasoning can be used as a rub and in recipes like below Shake it on your fries hot out of the oven or fryer. Great in your omelets Use it in your potato and pasta salads Shake it on shrimp before you grill them Shake it on your baked potatoes Barbie Dust and Balsamic on a tomato salad or even on grilled tomatoes they are awesome too Great on burgers, steaks, pork chops, stuffed peppers and so much more.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review