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10 PACK of Blue Flame

Our XXXtreme hot BBQ sauce, Blue Flame, has set the culinary world ablaze, earning its reputation as "Crazy Hot." It's the kind of sauce you daringly pass to your mates, claiming it's too fiery for your own taste buds! With its cult-like following, Blue Flame caters to those who crave the thrill of extreme heat, drawing them back time and again for that scorching sensation. But it's not just about the heat; this sauce delivers a robust flavor experience, meticulously crafted to enhance its fiery intensity. The heat cycle of Blue Flame is unparalleled, gradually intensifying with each bite, promising a culinary adventure for the bravest of palates. It's more than just a hot sauce; it's an epic journey of flavor and heat. Some say its "FIRE!!"



(No reviews yet) Write a Review